the bike

fixieIt’s my magic time machine that makes the miles to fly by – 
my constant companion on the road that tells me what the wind and pavement are saying. I call her The Grey Goose, and she’s been with me for 6800 miles, so far.

All the hours spent riding are tied to people, places and the unique memories they make along the way. Climbing onto the bike opens a book of life-stories written on the road. New chapters come together as the miles roll by. The plot-line contains elements of doubt, passion, endurance, exultation, emptiness, faith and hope. These small, concentrated adventures  dissolve into the larger story of life.  More miles = more stories: there’s no substitute for putting in time on the bike.

mudI write frequently about pain and suffering while riding. This raw side of life is just as compelling as it is ridiculous: sometimes you just need to laugh. Some say that pain is a window to the soul. And to the extent that pain shows us more of our soul than we might see otherwise, I must agree. Pain is a step ladder that we climb to peek into the top cupboards of life. We never quite know what we might discover in this mysterious realm. Growing up I learned that the choice goodies were almost always hidden up there. The rewards for reaching high outweigh the pain.

Here’s to the goodies.


The Grey Goose on her first trip to Colorado

Below is a picture of Ruby – but as of July 2013, she is no more. After a serious crash at 20 mph she sustained so much damage that she had to be retired, and sent back to Trek. The good news? Trek’s Crash Replacement program put a new bike into my hands, The Black Pearl. The Pearl has been rebuilt this season, and has become more of a longer distance and endurance machine. I ordered some 28’s to take her on some gravel!


My dear deceased Ruby


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