ride updates

The 2016 Habitat 500


This means I get to head home to see my family!

It’s pretty addictive! I’ll be returning for my fourth Habitat 500 ride this year. Last year’s ride was wonderful – taking in the river bluffs [and tasty climbs!] around Winona, MN and across from…La Crosse, WI. With the exception of a very GRIM day of cold rain, we had excellent weather.

This year’s ride will serve, once again, as part of my build up for a return engagement at the Colorado Rocky Mountain Bike Tour in Early August. More importantly, after mentoring two Habitat  families, I have a greater appreciation for the fundraising that takes place through the ride. My goal is set at $4500.

HAB 500 UPDATE #1…Got the nod from my congregation to register for the ride! It’s going to be a good one, too. The route will take us through parts of the Iron Range, which means I get to sleep at home when we stop in Grand Rapids. After hosting the riders and volunteers for dinner at my congregation First Lutheran, we’ll head up north and come back alongside Lake Superior . Getting that happy feeling inside…

HAB 500 UPDATE #2, Mar 14. I’m registered as rider #21. My Hutera fundraising page is up and located here. My local HFH affiliate is getting behind me and helping get the word out for fundraising. 815 miles of training so far! Got outside last weekend for 100 miles of pedaling…but snow is in the forecast again.


Insulated bib tights, neoprene booties, jacket: that’s how we roll.

HAB 500 UPDATE #3, April 1. I’m coming to the end of a week off. I rode 4 days in a row to add another 160 miles to my season total of 1131 miles. The weather has been a bit psycho, so to speak…or whatever you call 63 degrees one day and 40 the next.

Interesting factoid: cold weather riding helps weight loss because you burn more calories. Every pound less I cart around makes me happier, faster, and…uhh…happier. Soon the heavy cold weather clothing will be hung in the closet till fall.



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