Colorado Calling


The new bikemobile full of vacation gear

I am in Colorado for the third time in 2016. No complaints here. This time I’m accompanied by my awesome wife for two weeks of cycling and beauty chasing. I’ll be doing the cycling, both of us together will find the moments of beauty: Colorado calling.

We woke up this morning to cool mountain air wafting in through wide open windows. This is our first morning in Winter Park, and as such, these kinds of first mornings are worth celebrating with a pot of stove top espresso. Which we did while listening to Nat King Cole tunes.

We’re paying attention to the transition to life at 9000 feet with our well worn routine of rest, hydration, visiting high and sleeping low. I’m tapering for the Colorado Rocky Mountain Bike Tour…so there’s plenty of time where I can justify taking things slow. I have easy spins this week, and one short ride out and back to Berthoud Pass. It’s the best of all situations while we decompress and visit with friends.

It’s also a perfect antidote to my yearly post Tour de France let down. Yes, I will find purpose and joy apart from speculation and trash talk from Le Tour.


Among the lakes above Rollins Pass at 12,200′





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