Habitat  500: Day 3

Good days often end with pizza

The bicycle is quite an amazing invention. It strings together moments of hard work, elation, tiredness and awe: and weaves them into a unique daily tapestry. There’s not much predictability in cycling…the road sees to that.

Pedaling indoors has great training value do to it’s  sameness. You can isolate one skill and work it until it becomes second nature. But the storyline is limited…the carpeting and pictures never change. For that, we have the undulating cadence of the open road. Stories are written; memories are made.

And so it was again today. I greeted several roads I’ve known on many other days, except it was TODAY. It was my one shot to enjoy the gift of the right now. Instead of trying to get it over with, I received 80.1 miles of impossibly blue northern  skies and following winds.

Today was a good day.


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