Habitat  500: Century Day 

A man receives help after 100 miles

 It stopped raining long enough to squeeze in a century (100 mile) ride. In place of rain we had wind and clouds. We had LOTS of wind. Here in the Midwest we don’t have mountains to challenge us…we have wind. Stories are told of settlers (not those who settle for cable) who lost their minds from the endless howling of prairie winds. Hence, there are two seasons: cold and windy or less cold and windy.

If you want to train for mountain riding, ride into a stiff headwind until you lose your mind. It doesn’t take long. 

I decided to do just that, and pulled like a mad man for 22 miles after rest stop #2. In the process I used myself up with 25 miles to go. Call it a tactical mistake…or call it dumb, but that’s what I did. No amount of food can cure this. You just have to limit your losses and ride with empty legs, while simultaneously trying to think of something else. ANYTHING else.

The next best thing is to find a group and ride in their draft – way in the back, where you don’t have to do much.

This I did.


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