HAB 500: Day 1

Some people think of riding in the rain as character building at best, or screaming nasty awful at the worst. I’ve met no one neutral on the subject. So when the heavens opened on 118 riders this morning, the reactions varied from fatalistic shrugged shoulders to trudging off to the gallows. All this because we were going to get wet…on purpose.

I like to think of riding in the rain as an expression of my committment to my sport. When I train during inclement weather I always come back feeling  like I’ve done more – maybe even passed some kind of cosmic endurance athlete test. If there’s a down side, it’s the dirt and grit plastered all over my bike.

Today’s moisture inspired me to average 20.4 mph over 70 miles. The squishy feeling in my bike shoes  made me feel downright sporty. It was a solid effort, and proof positive that rain is better than we think.


Rainy days and Sundays always get me down


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