Riding In High Places: PROLOGUE

Please turn off all cellular devices in preparation for departure.

The kid across from me is texting madly with an amused look on his face – fingers flying with practiced speed. It reminds me that my daughter tells me I’m the only person she knows who uses complete sentences and punctuation when texting. I am a slow texter…but I’m okay with that.


We’re two hours late departing for Denver. They lined us up for boarding at 8 am, but the crew had come in late the night before, and was nowhere to be found. There was an audible say-it-ain’t-so groan from the group at the announcement; but being a fan of flying in an airplane with well rested pilots, I was tickled to wait for one to show up.

I’m on my way for a week of hill training (well, large hill training) in and around the Front Range adjacent to Denver. I’m staying with kind friends who must believe that the benefit of seeing me outweighs my early morning disappearances on the bike. Maybe it’s because I won’t be around enough to annoy or grow stale?

It’s something of an adventure since I’m not riding with anyone, and will be doing a fair bit of exploring in unfamiliar areas. Go up some, go down some, and repeat as needed seems to be the general idea. Regardless, I have a fine week of vertical ahead.


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