2016 Habitat 500


Can you tell that the bike is my happy place?

I’ll be riding the Habitat 500 charity ride for the fourth time this year. Why, you may ask? Isn’t that an awful long time to sit perched on a skinny saddle? Well, the ride and it’s mission are kind of addicting.

Habitat for Humanity helps people build their own affordable homes. It’s not a hand-out. It’s not a government welfare program. In fact, it’s not the government at all!

We are a private non-profit Christian Ministry that strives to love people by helping them into decent and affordable housing. They bang nails, hang insulation, cut wood, and paint walls with the help of many community volunteers. Habitat promotes cross-cultural collaboration and makes our communities stronger. The outcome studies for thriving neighborhoods are much more positive for Habitat housing when compared to HUD low income projects. I’m also honored to serve on our local Habitat Board of Directors.

Back to the ride.

Last year the riders raised over $350,000 to fund new home starts in Minnesota. Some years we’ve topped $400, 000. We find our sponsorship within our communities by talking first-hand with interested people. Some are business owners, community leaders – but most are everyday folks who’ve caught the vision for something special. Last year I raised $3600, so at the urging of our Board I’m setting my goal to $4500.

To donate online go to my Hutera fundraising page

To learn more about the mission of Habitat for Humanity click HERE.


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