Real World Review: Pactimo Alpine RFLX Thermal Jersey

r00529_m_apline_rflx_ls_jersey_printed_f15-black_orange_front_8The Alpine RFLX Thermal Jersey is a new offering from Pactimo this fall. I was looking for something to fill the gap between a summer weight long-sleeved jersey and an insulated jacket…so I gave it a try. My testing ground was a week on the Blue Ridge Parkway in late October, where we encountered rain, wind, bright sun and temps ranging between 40-60 degrees.

Tackling long climbs and overheating in cool temps is one of the nagging issues with fall riding – where we can go from dripping sweat to hypothermia in minutes. I found it easy to regulate my core temp by both unzipping and pulling up sleeves. KUDOS TO PACTIMO – for not all jerseys allow for this. For the long plunges into the valleys I zipped up, readjusted the sleeves, and appreciated the warm collar that kept the cold air off of my neck. I would also add that the sleeves are long enough to pull over your cycling gloves for added warmth. On cooler days I added the Pactimo Breckenridge Vest which I’ve reviewed here.

Other thoughtful features include deep, stretchy pockets large enough to accommodate a rain shell, vest, extra fuel and the usual extra cool weather bits – not to mention a zip pocket for valuables. The RFLX Pixel fabric is nothing short of amazing. While spinning through the many tunnels on the Parkway, the initial flash of headlights hitting my back was a bright enough to elicit comments from passing cyclists.   .

On the whole I found the jersey to be exactly as described: wind resistant, breathable, comfy in the 45-65 degree range, and highly visible. It’s a supremely versatile garment for supremely fickle fall weather. In combination with the above mentioned Breckenridge vest, long sleeve base layer, and leg warmers, Pactimo has put together a system of tech clothing that can adapt to changing conditions through the fall riding season…which is no small feat.

If you’d like to give the Alpine RFLX Thermal Jersey a try, contact me through this blog, and I’d be happy to send you a coupon for 30% off your purchase.


Coming to the top of a CAT 2 climb feeling warm and dry


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