The Art of the Rest Day

raleigh-smokeWhat do you feel like doing? I don’t know…what do you want to do?

These are words spoken on the most sacred of days: THE REST DAY. Everyone needs them, and their timing can have a profoundly marvelous affect.  Having a plan will stain the rest day, because the whole idea is to cease from our labors. Getting out of bed before 8 am is prohibited. Rushing about is VERBOTEN. Lying in bed and listening to good music is encouraged until such time that hunger finally drags you from the sack.

To ensure a positive rest day experience, here are some guidelines:

  1. Breakfast must take at least an hour – unless conversation and coffee are good, and then it can expand to fill available time.
  2. Conversation [see above] always takes precedence over activity. When in doubt relocate the conversation to the couch and keep talking. Long pauses and lost trains of thought are no big deal. I simply ask my wife, WHAT WAS I SAYING? If she doesn’t remember, then it wasn’t that important.
  3. Long Showers. There’s no need to find your comfy clothes, because you were wearing them before you started your 30 minute shower. Pick them up off the floor, get dressed and find the nearest couch.
  4. Limited travel is permitted. For example, it’s okay to walk out to the balcony to sit in a chair in your comfy clothes. Walking over to the espresso bar to find a place to sit for two hours and drink coffee is also cool. Grocery shopping is better attempted on a different day.

We get stronger when we rest.

A good day doing nothing will lead to several good days of doing something.


These people are having fun resting


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