And So it Begins

looks like more suffering in the wilderness

looks like more suffering in the wilderness

This morning there was music. I got up, made a pot of stove top espresso, fussed over my bike a bit, and sat down to play some guitar. I played a few chords, and as I listened to the sweet decay of the notes, I heard some other music outside our window. The understated buzz of humming birds at work is a song that has welcomed us to the mountains of Colorado for many years. I listened to this concert for 15 minutes…the delicate breath of their wings rising and falling. Yes, hello to another Colorado mountain morning.

Our drive out was a humid, buggy affair. Iowa and Nebraska delivered clouds of insects that exploded [sometimes spectacularly] on our windshield. The aerodynamic properties of my bike on the roof rack did not spare her the same treatment. I spent an hour this morning scrubbing interstate bug guts off of every surface that faced into the wind. After a quick buff with Pedro’s Bike Lust, I think the Grey Goose is now presentable. I don’t know who Pedro is, but his product is top notch – and the silicone in the formula may help keep flying vermin from sticking to my frame.

burning carAs we entered Iowa, the traffic ground to a halt, and we could see billowing smoke up ahead. After emergency vehicles made their way through, we began to roll forward and came upon a car fire. Now I’ve seen a few of these in my time, and I’m here to tell you that this car was billowing flames. The most frightening part of the scene was, just outside the frame of the picture, two emergency workers who were WAY too close if the gas tank were to explode.

We’ve driven across Iowa from north to south, and east to west – and this takes the cake for excitement. Not even my turkey club from Arby’s just outside of Des Moines could hold a candle. Thankfully there were no passengers in the car.

The drive up out of Denver has always been something of a holy moment. There are so many rich memories associated with having lived here, and having come back so many times. We watched the thermometer fall from 98 to 68 as we gained elevation. Passing though Empire at the base of Berthoud Pass, there was a little storefront with a sign proclaiming: IT’S LEGAL…GET YOURS HERE. Judging from the number of glassy eyed folks we saw at the Safeway later on, gaining some extra altitude has become right popular.

Time to get dressed and head out for a ride, and get my altitude the old fashioned way.


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