The Road comes to an End

071My desire to return home to my family gave me speed on the final day of the Habitat 500. I took advantage of every tailwind and pulled hard into each headwind to average a tad less than 19.5 miles per hour. All told I pedaled 502 miles and climbed 17,444 feet – a splendid block of training to get me ready for our upcoming trip to Colorado.

Most importantly, by the end of the ride we we were passing $350,000 of fundraising, on our way to another [we hope] $500K year. That’s a lot of nails, and a lot of people touched: both recipients of homes and volunteers.

I exceeded my $3000 fundraising goal thanks to the fine folks from First Lutheran Church in Grand Rapids, MN, family and friends. Special thanks also to members of the Grand Rapids business community, including: Northern Lakes Dental, the good folks at two Thrivent offices, my massage therapist Jo Hernesman, Rowe Funeral Home, the Eye Care Clinic, and Dr. Dajana Condos at North Lakes Chiropractic – who kept me healthy and…well adjusted. A final thanks to the staff at Itasca Habitat for Humanity for their administrative support, and Pactimo Cycling Clothing for keeping me comfortable on the bike every day.

072Now it’s time to rest and prepare for our next trip. These past few days have been about naps, food and early bedtimes! The Grey Goose needs brake pads, a thorough cleaning and lube, shifters adjusted and wheels trued. In a few days we’ll be back home in Colorado’s mountains. New challenges await in the Copper Triangle and an attempt to cycle to the summit of Mt Evans.

Wherever the road leads you, I hope that you’ll receive it’s gifts and unexpected surprises. Cycling, more than any other activity, puts my journey of life into perspective. Big climbs and long miles are humbling – but feeling small reminds me of my daily need for God and all he’s done and is doing for me.


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