Habitat 500 Day 6


What a difference a day makes. Sun is restorative. It’s good for  body and soul. All the best love songs must’ve been written on such days. After yesterday’s rainy epic [complete with semi  trucks roaring by in hurricanes of mist], today I felt  the love.

Our route has been varied and  interesting all week. Today combined fast flats, undulating rollers and the long gradual climbs that SE Minnesota is known for. Maybe I’ll come back in September for Ride the Ridges.

As the ride winds down, I’m feeling the familiar familial tug on my heart. Cycling has a limited shelf life compared to what waits for me at home. Cycling gave me back my health, but God and my family give me life. It’s been good, no, GREAT…but it’s time to return to my calling of daddy, husband, best friend to a pair of German Shepherds and pastor of a wonderful church.

Tomorrow I will drive home full of anticipation of hugs and the soft whack of wagging tails.

Thanks for sharing the road with me.


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