Habitat 500 Century Day

Prior  to doing a 100 mile ride I have a talk with myself about why I want to work so hard. Why do I want  to put my body  through this? Can’t  I find somewhere else to sit for five and a half hours than on my minimalist bike saddle? Seems like I always lose that argument.

I was on the bike at 6:50 this morning.

David and I teamed up and hit the first climb together. Because he weighs 160, and because I have gravitational issues due to my considerable mass, I fell behind. It took 15 minutes to catch him, and then we traded pulls into the forecasted LIGHT AND VARIABLE [really 20 mph] winds. The first 22 miles were unpleasant.

We did persevere and found our way to the descent into La Crosse Wisconsin – no doubt named after a native American sport involving sticks and balls made from animal skins.


After picking up a nice tailwind [aren’t all tailwinds nice?] we ate up the miles – including the 14 mile climb that killed us yesterday. It’s a fine way to end a century ride. Sometimes a tailwind comes just when you need it.


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