Habitat 500…a third day

We were treated  to blue  skies and a crisp  north wind as we rolled  out  this  morning. Early on we came into a set of rolling hills to wake the legs and settle into a climbing  rhythm we’d  use several times during the day.

The best moments of the day were sprinting past two young guys on a steep roller, [they looked a little surprised], and a very  special  descent. The road twisted and turned,  descending  for  3 miles of perfect pavement…which I enjoyed at 42 mph.  Which also explains my broad smile below.


My celebration was short lived since, first, there was still 38 miles to go, and second, I was not done climbing by a long shot. The big climb for the day lasted 14 miles, climbing 350 feet to a plateau, and 800 more for the last 4 miles. At the very top a lady wearing pearls and driving an Audi slowed down to stare at me.

I stared back with sweat dripping off my nose.

Again today  I was the first  rider in. I celebrated with a tasty flat bread pizza shared in the company  of my riding buddies. 86 miles ridden, 3800 feet climbed.


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