Habitat 500 Day 2

There was no ac in the Albert Lea  school  gym  last night. Sleeping was a sultry affair. At least, that’s the word that best describes how my bedding stuck to me as I attempted to roll out of my inflatable bed.

We got on the road at 6:45, and peddled for 2 hours in a cloud. The water ran off of us as the humidity in the air condensed on bike and body. A rain shower  would’ve been drier. Long rips in the overcast appeared  as the moisture burned  off, and then vistas  of rolling fields of corn…and windmills.


Being from the northern wastelands of Minnesota, I’m not well acclimated to heat and humidity. Indeed, summer  has become something of a novelty. So I held back  today so as not  to bury myself  with 5 days yet to go. Though I often ride in excess  of 19 mph, I settled for 17.8 and will live to ride  another  day.

A & W root beer floats are my new recovery  drink,

73 miles, and 1531 feet  climbed. Tomorrow  we head to the bluffs and first serious climbs.


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