I Simply Remember My Favorite things


Looks like Friedrich is going on the attack

You can learn a lot from a governess who also happens to moonlight as a nun.

When the dog chases you and gets a bit of skin…when a bee flies straight into you and stings: I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don’t feel so bad. [Oscar Hammerstein II]

I’m reminded of a photo I saw recently of a pace line pulling into the wind. The lead rider has her finger pointed at her head, tongue sticking out the side of her mouth, thumb cocked and ready to fire. Talk about memorable. Next time I’m in that situation, I’ll simply remember: AND THEN I WON’T FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL SO BAD.

No one who’s put in serious time on the bike will tell you cycling is only about physical strength. The deeper question is, how do we get the strength to keep going when our bodies tire? Inspiration leads us to dig deeper, to find a little bit more, to find something special. I don’t pretend to understand it…why it comes on some days, and is absent on others. I do know it’s a game changer, and that we invite it by remembering what we love about the ride.


Rolling out full of anticipation: making yourself warm-up even though you want to hammer

Pushing through the top of the pedal stroke, the warmth of sun soaking into your back

Cresting a hill and catching a cooling breeze…A sip of ice cold water and a splash on the back of the neck

Hucking a banana peel with panache

Shady country roads and blue skies you can get lost in

Rising out of the saddle without missing a beat

Pulling solo into a stiff wind and finally arriving at your turn-around

The feel of clipping in with new cleats

Fresh bar tape

Collecting your thoughts and assuming THE POSITION before beginning a long, fast alpine descent…and spinning out your highest gear

Freshly shaved legs and sharp kit

Coming to the top of your first HC climb

The hum of the drivetrain and the feeling of being stretched out over the bike – knowing you could go like this for hours

Chasing home just as the first raindrops make polka dots on the pavement

The post-ride double espresso


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