First Impressions: Pactimo Summit Raptor Pro RFLX Bibs

cytech padJust returned from an 80 mile ride in my new Summit Raptor pro bibs.  I spent four hours in various position on my minimalist saddle, and formed some strong first impressions. To say the least, I was extremely pleased.

These bibs are a redesign for 2015, and have the second iteration of the Cytech endurance anatomic chamois pad. This year’s pad is sculpted with thicker padding under the sit bones, and a deeper center channel for more comfort in the perineal zone. By comparison, last year’s pad had a uniform thickness that gave too much padding where it wasn’t needed. The new pad has taken a great pair of bibs to a new level.

summit_raport_pro_bit_shorts_frontSubjectively, these bibs seem to be a bit lighter, and fit very much like a second skin. After corresponding with the retail brand manager at Pactimo, this is what I learned:

“We maintained all of the same benefit and primary structure of the previous Endurance Anatomic Carbonium chamois, while making the transition smoother on the edges of the support section of the chamois and adding a pivot point that sits in front of sit bone support section of the chamois to increase movement and mobility when out of the saddle…”

And so, the fit is more spot on…most noticeably in keeping everything in the land down under comfortably tucked away. The texture of the Raptor fabric also helps immensely with staying planted on the saddle, with no sliding around: especially when stretched out over the bike and pushing a big gear.

The best compression in the industry, high quality materials and construction, superb fit, and comfort all add up to a fantastic pair of bibs that are uniquely suited for long rides. If you’d like to try a pair of the Raptor Pro bibs, or any other of the offerings from Pactimo, please contact me through this blog, and I’ll be happy to send you a code for 30% off your purchase.


Arm warmers, knee warmers and bibs with the Pactimo fit


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