Pactimo Brand Ambassador

ba-logo15I just received word that I’ve been accepted as a 2015 Pactimo brand Ambassador. Before I get into what it means for you, a few words about my experience with Pactimo clothing.

I was introduced to Pactimo two seasons ago at the Colorado Rocky Mountain Bike Tour. After 431 miles and 30K of climbing I wanted the jersey. I was impressed with the quality and fit, so I ordered two pair of their raptor bibs. Last season I rode more than 4000 miles in those bibs in every conceivable condition. With other high end bibs I’d be throwing them away at the end of the season…not so with these. I used them through the winter on the trainer, and they still have excellent compression. No blown seams. No blown out chamois. No kidding.

A three pass Montana day in my Pactimo’s

I’ve used their long sleeve and tank base layers, arm warmers and leg warmers. My personal gripe with other brands of leg warmers is that they can loose their shape after a few days of use. Mine are still going strong into their second season.

Once the 2015 Ambassador program gets rolling, I’ll be able to offer introductory discounts for Pactimo products. I should have the particulars during the month of April. Feel free to contact me through this blog – and if you like what you’re reading, sign up to be notified of future posts.

In the mean time, get those base miles in. The weather is relenting in northern Minnesota, which means it should be down right balmy anywhere south of Alaska. So get out there, be safe, find your inspiration and enjoy the best sport in the world.


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