All Good Things

blown-away-in-patagoniaIt happens every year. The leaves fall off the trees, and the autumn winds begin to blow in earnest. This year we had two reprieves of 60 degree temps and sunshine…for which I’m grateful…seeing as it is October 25th, and all. Most years the weather gets putrid by October 10th. Such are the charms of northern Minnesota.

We are governed 8 months of the year by Canadian air. Even when the jet stream is running pretty far to the north, we’re far enough north to remain in its frigid grasp. While the rest of the lower 48 is basking in above average warmth, we are decidedly below average. This week all the leaves dropped as if a switch and been thrown, leaving considerably less protection from the wind. And now, the expected gusts blowing across the Manitoba prairies have reached us.

Not that I’m complaining, [Okay, a little bit!], but today I was beat up pretty good by the wind. We’re talking about a wind that makes the grass in the fields lay down flat. From the side, these winds blew me out into the traffic lane several times. Head on, they reduced me to 11 mph of forward momentum. After 53 miles of this, I decided it’s time to bring the bike indoors and commence off season training at the local YMCA.

Tomorrow I’ll go for one last ride to end on a more positive and less windy note.



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