Tour de Montana: Day 5


So I had this idea. Why not climb back to the top,  and re-descend our first pass of the day? That way I can chip away at my 20K goal. I left 10 minutes late and was still going up as the last group to depart was going down. After I finished my climb it dawned on me that the entire group was ahead of me. What I failed to take into account was that I’d have to chase back onto the group for 60 Km.

And chase I did…averaging 21-22 mph with no one – DARN THEM – to draft behind . My oops turned into an impromptu time trial, with me pedaling furiously across the Montana farmscape. The isolation of a rural highway is profound, and worry began to rise. But as I applied myself to my work, the miles disappeared beneath me, and the support van and Owen’s bearded face appeared.

Upon arrival at camp, my committment  to suffering with extra climbing was acknowledged with a ceremonial dousing with a fire hose. Pictures,  sadly,  are not yet available.

Right at 18K of climbing with high hopes that I can scratch out 2000 more tomorrow. 86 miles and 3900 feet climbed.


One thought on “Tour de Montana: Day 5

  1. Wow! Wouldn’t want to be in that there situation, friend!! I’m glad you are having fun. Was that a polka dot jersey I saw you in? When do you land tomorrow??

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