Tour de Montana Day 4: Resurrection Day


The aftermath of a big day of climbing is what we call…RECOVERY. Upon arrival yesterday we limped to an icy cold creek and proceeded to soak our legs for 10 minutes. You do your best to cut your losses and live to ride another day.

It was a clearly sluggish start. Another cup  of coffee? Heck yeah!  And so rolled around 9 with stiff legs and a sense of humor.  You could tell everyone was recovering: sitting up and chatting between hills…photo opps…extra water breaks.

Took me all of 40 miles to spin out my legs. After that we hit the second pass of the day and crushed it. With only 59 miles for the day, we pulled in at about 130. Extended recovery: cold beer, cold water swim, and a session on the foam roller worked their magic.

The picture above is the so – dubbed espresso group of Peter, Tom, myself, Pat, and our guide Ian. Craig was behind the camera. I can’t think of a better group to ride with. Craig does this thing where he quietly slips beside you, and slips his hand in your jersey pocket while having a chat with you. You  then feel a tug backwards as he uses your clothing as a rubber band to launch himself past you. To watch it happening to someone else reduced me to hysterics every time.

59 miles and 3105 climbed.



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