MS 150 – First Day

We’re sitting in the car as the rain drums on the roof – the cadence becoming faster and louder. So begins this edition of the Multiple Sclerosis 150 charity ride. It’s currently 50 degrees, and with the rain accounts for my reluctance to hit the road just yet. The radar shows the shower passing.

ANYWAY, fundraising totaled 300% of my goal: an even $900. My brother in law Artie has MS, and this ride is dedicated to him.


As it turned out, I would not feel warm until mile 40. The rain was heavy for the first hour, and then relented – but the cool wind did not. Physical activity does indeed warm the core, so pedaling hard was the order of the day. Each time I stopped for food it was the same routine: quickly shove food into mouth, jump back on the bike and pedal like mad to regain lost warmth.

After finishing for the day I wandered among food tents. Seeing quite a spread at one I asked if I could purchase a sandwich. The dude said, ‘No, just grab a plate and dig in!’ After the fact I realized I had gotten a free meal at the private food tent of a local cycling team. It felt like walking onto an airplane when they call first class…and you have a coach ticket.

73 miles and very happy with my average speed of 19.5 mph. More so that my friend Dave and brother in law Artie both feel special that some people have gone out of their way to help them with their MS.


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