Hideous Highlands Tour – Day 3


This is Mike.

Mike is a pretty sharp guy. Says he this morning: you’re gonna have an epic day. He was right. The Hideous Highlands Tour continued this morning with another installment of equal parts joy and suffering…er…suffering in a joyful  kind of way. Both of us climbed strongly and achieved personal bests in the average speed department. I even found myself half way through an 18% grade still in the big chain ring. Later, when I thought I had been hallucinating, Mike confirmed that it really did happen that way.

Truth is stranger than fiction.

In anticipation of our 80 miler tomorrow, we rode 50 miles, and climbed a paltry 3700 feet. As of today I’m at 13,000 feet for the week, and if I live through tomorrow, we’ll have climbed 20,000 feet in four days. I don’t want to think anymore about tomorrow, though. I’d be tempted to load up the bikemobile and drive away in the middle of the night. Mike would have none of that, and a high speed chase would likely ensue, so it’s best to stay.


HH tour

That’s right, matching white shoes and jersey. To look good is to go fast.



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