Hideous Highlands Tour – Day 2

woman-screamingI’ve come to expect that I will have cycling dreams at the start of a trip. It’s not surprising – given that climbing and descending steep hills is a rather intense business. It amounts to physical and sensory overload on a grand scale. I close my eyes and I see pavement moving by at varying rates of speed.

Today we rolled out to deep blue skies and delicious sunshine. Our ride took us around Blue Mound State Park before finally ascending the Mound – which I churned up at 7 mph. This may well be the subject matter for tonight’s dream: stuck on a 14% grade that never ends.

Oh, the horror.

The descents were sublime – which is our new alternative for the word ‘awesome’ – which Mikey and I agree is quite overused. At any rate, we picked our lines at 35-40 mph: hands in the drops, steering and counter steering with subtle shifts of body weight.

All told, we climbed 4652 feet over 61.3 miles. Our total climbing for the trip stands at 9800, which  bodes well for reaching 20K in the next two days.


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