wetbike shoesJust as darkness fell we rolled our bikes into our hotel room with big, goofy grins and a tell-tale stripe of road grit up our backs. It’s the first week of June in the driftless region of Wisconsin. Thunderstorms were in the forecast, and after finding shelter during two cloudbursts we are back.

The Hideous Highlands Tour de Mounds has begun.

Maybe it’s because I’m hanging with Mike, a fellow cycling junkie. Maybe it’s because I’m on vacation, and I REALLY need to be on vacation. 18 miles of drinking spray from each other’s back wheel can add up to a lot of things, but this evening it was a recipe for fun. Every time another blast of thunder went off over our heads we laughed wide eyed: WHOA! THAT SOUNDED LIKE A BOMB!

The flashes in the clouds made something of a strobe effect in the dusk as we made our last run for home – betting we would outrun the next downpour. And we did. Both of us freely  admit that we’d rather stay home than ride in the rain, but today was different – rather beautiful in an icky sort of way.


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