Hideous Highlands – Day 1

buffalo3Mike and I are waiting on the weather. It’s 9 am, and the radar shows clearing starting about 10 am.  We’ve filled our time largely with foam rolling and core exercises, while cycling DVD’s drone in the background. Today’s ride is a 47 mile loop over the ridges and through the hollows that define this part of Wisconsin. Along the way we expect something around 5000 feet of climbing with three CAT 4 climbs and a single CAT 3 climb on the way back into town.

We rolled out at 11 am under blue skies, and immediately descended into one of the fore mentioned hollows – past indifferent cows and red barns. At times like this it dawns on me that I’ve knowingly brought upon myself a butt load of hard work…often cleverly disguised by the word vacation. Instead of escaping work, I’ve exchanged it for a different kind. The cycling vacation: by the time it’s over you can’t wait to go back to work.

Nonetheless, the time went quickly. 20% grades gave way to 45 mph descents – the best of which followed a corkscrew path to the valley floor, where we surprised several deer. All told we rode 59 miles and climbed 4300 feet while averaging 17 mph. A respectable day.


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