Reviewed: Castelli Mortirolo Due Jacket

RED frontRED rear

Castelli’s Mortirolo Due Jacket is designed for riding in the shoulder seasons of fall and spring when the temps are in the mid 40’s to mid 50’s. I’ve found it to be pretty darn ideal for these conditions when worn with a long sleeve base layer.

Out of the box the quality is evident. The stitching is clean, the panels cut precisely and the over-all construction durable. In cool weather cheap zippers and pulls that are too small to grasp with full finger gloves are a hassle. Castelli uses a quality zipper with a grippy pull perfect for grabbing with cold fingers. Other thoughtful features include chest zippers that help with venting and a soft stand-up collar for that part of my neck that gets chilled.

I originally purchased the jacket because cool weather riding in a waterproof shell is an adventure in nasty. Peeling off sweat soaked kit post-ride takes some skill as a contortionist. Castelli eliminates this by using windblock material only on the front of the jacket – leaving the back for venting. The very pleasant result is that your base layer remains dry and comfy while the rest of you stays warm. The fit is what is called race fit in the industry: close and aero with no room for flab.

The only downside is that the jacket is not cut for tall people. I’m 6-4, and though the 2XL fit me in terms of girth, I had to exchange for the 3XL to get the length I need. The jacket sells for as much as $199, but can be found for $150. If that sounds a little steep, consider Castelli quality and customer service. Last year they replaced a 6 month old pair of bibs for me NQA.



One thought on “Reviewed: Castelli Mortirolo Due Jacket

  1. Pretty Fancy! Sounds like you just can’t wait until you get out on that bike outside. I’m done with this cold and snow. Going to Foys lake tomorrow. They are having 10 hockey teams out on the lake . They are expecting 5100 people. Sounds like something to do.
    Take care PG. Tell the family Hi!

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