Back in Black


Today I celebrated my return to indoor spinning.

Have you ever not liked where you were, so you thought about being someplace that you DID like? That’s indoor spinning. I’ve never heard a cyclist say, ‘GOSH DARN IT, I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL THIS RUN OF NICE WEATHER PASSES SO I CAN RIDE IN THE BASEMENT’ So…I think about the places I’ve been, and those I hope to visit during the upcoming 4 month interruption of winter: all the while dutifully spinning on my trainer.

michelin_man2Locating my heart rate strap and bike computer took a while this morning. While putting a cheap trainer tire on my extra rear wheel I cut myself on the bead. This gave rise to a few choice words directed at the fat Michelin dude in particular, and cheap tires in general. Then I had to steal a quick-release skewer off my daughter’s bike so I wouldn’t ding-up my nice Dura Ace skewers clamping my bike to the trainer. I re-remembered where I stashed my bike shorts, and then elevated my already festive mood by putting on my brand spanking new Velominati jersey. The cut of bib shorts is such that the off season gut protrudes between the shoulder straps. While the rest of the body is nicely sculpted and contained by spandex, the belly sticks out much in the same way as when squeezing a balloon.

The pictures don’t lie.

Cycling Videos Online has a nice selection of scenic rides complemented by dialog and an on-screen dashboard that tells you when to shift and how fast to pedal. Today I visited the desert outside of Las Vegas. It makes the time on the trainer go by somewhat more quickly, while also providing structure for the workout. You can see the seven peaks in my heart rate data below as I pedaled up 7 virtual hills. Pretty cool – and far more appealing than workout videos where coaches yell at you from your TV screen.


It’s a great time in the season. All my goals and dreams are in front of me, and my anticipation is high. Oh the places we will go: hill training in Boulder the first week in June, bike tour on the Yellowstone and Going to the Sun Road in Glacier Park in July, Colorado and Mt Evans in August.

As I sip on my post-ride espresso and look out the window, what should it be doing? Why, of course…it’s snowing.


2 thoughts on “Back in Black

  1. Are you getting the -46 degrees today.
    We are getting about 2-3″ of snow right now.
    Michelle will be driving home in the middle of the stone tomorrow. Eeeeek!
    Have fun riding in the basement.

  2. Thanks for your post. My New Year’s present was the cold that was going around, and I badly needed a good laugh this morning. Will probably not get to church tomorrow. Stay warm.

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