Rest Day

001Pretty catchy title, yeah?

After rising at 5 am all week, neither of us uttered a word until 730. I suspect Deb may be lost to the world for at least another hour. Such is the glory of a rest day: eat, sleep and venture out to see the sights. Steamboat Springs is, amazingly enough, the home of hot springs by the same name. This is a sight we aim to see. We’ve also been dragging my guitar around with us, and today sounds like the perfect time to finally crack open the case and make some music.

But wait, the excitement is just beginning! I also get to wash my cycling clothing, clean and lube the bike, sort out the rat’s nest in the back of the Subaru and get a massage – which actually is pretty exciting.

I’m trying not to think about tomorrow’s 6% avg grade as we climb back out of the valley. That’s tomorrow’s challenge. For today we shall eat, drink [sleep late] and be merry.


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