Peak to Peak Highway – Second Day

002The Peak to Peak highway winds through the high country connecting Estes Park with Golden. There are seven categorized climbs along the way – for a total ascent of 6352 feet over 72 miles. Now, I’m not one to complain [much], but I’d have to say that today pressed me pretty hard.

That said, the views of Longs Peak and Mt Meeker were pretty darn majestic. The descents were quite amazing – especially when factoring in that it was hard to keep my speed under 35 mph as I swung through the curves and hairpin turns. The 10 mile final descent down Coal Creek canyon had perfect pavement, and featured a Subaru wagon full of foul-mouthed 20 somethings that apparently had it in for us. Judging from the rather personal comments they made about our mothers, they must have been long-lost acquaintances of our families.

Below are two of the guys I rode with today. Just when things would get a little desperate, one of us would say something to put the rest of us in stitches. We’ll need a lot of humor tomorrow judging by the route profile…but I’ll leave that for my next post. Really good Mexican food on the menu tonight.



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