HAB 500: Crashed

And just like that.

Flying along at 21 mph, touching wheels with another bike – and I’m down. Broke the right shifter and the rear derailleur hanger. I also tore a chunk off the right side of my saddle. The most frightening part was breaking my helmet. I distinctly remember my head hitting the pavement. The helmet did its job, and I’m still here to tell about it.

I’ve got significant road rash on my right shoulder and hip, but no other damage. Our orthopedic surgeon examined me and pronounced me fit. I’m thankful I didn’t break my collar bone.

What I don’t have (yet) is perspective. I’m still quite shaken up as I lie here waiting for Deb to come get me. Fact is that I’ve been fortunate to avoid any big crashes, considering how much I ride. Crashes are inevitable when one pursues this sport with passion…and today was my turn.

I will be a better cyclist from this. The adversity will add a bit more depth of preparation for my Colorado ride in two weeks. I’ll ride with more awareness and skill.

But for right now, I’ll be happy to take a deep breath and be thankful. So ends my 2013 Habitat 500. I persevered through illness and managed to ride 340 miles. After my bike is repaired next week I’ll continue this season’s journey…which leads next to the Rockies.

Below are a few pictures of the event, including my broken helmet.




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