HAB 500: And There was a Fifth Day

Armed with antibiotics and a bunch of water, I hit the road at 630 – more than a little curious how the day would unfold. (With me being sick, and all) The ride around Trout Lake to MN 65 and Fred’s Hills were delightful. Several groups heard loons calling in the distance.

And now, a word about Fred’s Hills.

The series of three hills leading to Goodland, MN are associated with a meat market further down the road by the name of Fred’s Meats. People journey from near and far to shop there – and those coming from the north ascend Fred’s Hills.

Along the way we passed fields of wild flowers:


As we turned onto MN 73 so began 30 miles pulling into a rising headwind. The last 18 miles were one for the record books: 25 mph blasts that caused me to creep along at 12 mph. The last 100 yards had me sprinting out of the saddle to counter the gusts. There are many sunburned, haggard faces in quiet repose around me this afternoon. However, I feel better because I got a picture of Floodwood. One more off my bucket list.


So it was that we journeyed 78.5 miles and climbed 1450 feet at an avg speed of 16.2 mph.


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