HAB 500: 3rd Day

The route for today was changed for reasons unknown. We exchanged our interesting and fun hilly route for a slog up River Road into Grand Rapids. We’re talking about pancake flat. On the surface, this sounds easy – but with no hills also comes very little help from gravity. You have to pedal all the time in the same position. Tomorrow will be the antidote, with as much as 3000 feet of climbing out and back on the Mesabi Trail.

My sinus infection is somewhat better. I’ll be seeing the doc tomorrow before leaving town. Yesterday afternoon I slept 3 hours, and last night I got 8 more. I woke up feeling nearly human! Today we rode 70.1 miles with an avg speed of 19.2 mph, whilst climbing a dismal 761 feet. That’s a little over 11 feet per mile.

I’ve seen people that tall! [not really] But I saw a fiberglass sea serpent that tall just yesterday.

Here’s a picture of Ruby at a shady rest stop:



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