HAB 500: Day Deux

There are many toils, dangers and snares in the life of a traveler. High on the list is when one’s inflatable bed deflates at 2 am, and one is left on a hard floor plotting revenge on makers of these contraptions. As I write, I am laying on a new bed. Thank you Shopco of Aitkin, MN.

Let me see: 70.3 miles with 1300 feet of climbing. The roads were wet and sticky which made my avg speed of 17.9 mph hard work indeed. One of the wonders of travel in MN is the opportunity to see large fiberglass replicas of animals. In this case, behold a fiberglass sea serpent. Until today I had not heard of the land-locked fresh water species.

John rode well – in fact we came in first and second. Though I’m tempted to gloat, it’s probably because the elite group of riders didn’t want to bother with us.

My sinus infection and lack of sleep have left me a bit tired. Here I lie: with a bottle of cough medicine on my brand new store-bought bed. I hope I feel better tomorrow. Nap time.


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