HAB 500: First Day’s Ride

What do you call 72 degrees, cloudy and a light tailwind? A good day of riding. John and I hit the road at 745 and teamed up with Bill from OK – trading 4 mile pulls at the front. Even with said tailwind, riding in a riders slipstream saves about 30% of the work. By comparison, typing with my pinky on my iPhone is much harder. [ could be I’ll need a massage therapist]

Anyway, we rode 55.8 miles past-knee high corn at an avg speed of 19.1 mph, whilst climbing a paltry 1033 feet. We were rewarded with an early arrival just in time to help unload luggage and equipment for 150 people. The gear truck:


However, we were also rewarded with a short wait for a shower and a $2 off coupon at the Old Bank Buffet in downtown Pierz, MN – where I ate a plate full of salad. John stayed home, and I suspect that he’s zipped into his tent. I, on the other hand, am enjoying air conditioned communal living.

I’ll close by saying that John is a STRONG rider. He pulls at the front like a Mac truck. Which is saying something.

Time for the pre-dinner nap. Over and out.


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