Habitat 500: The Wait is Over

526826_10151525223816355_1703516848_n2496 miles of training are done, and I’m on the cusp of beginning Act II of my 2013 cycling season. The Habitat 500 begins tomorrow night. The ride starts in Becker, MN and heads north up to Grand Rapids – where we turn around after a century [100 mile ride] day. The return to Becker is further east, and goes through Mora. This year’s ride is a bit more challenging. Altogether there’s more climbing, especially the 3000′ on century day. It should also be beautiful: as it winds through the lakes and forests of the north country. Maps are posted below.

This year I’m very happy to be joined by a member of my congregation. John is a veteran endurance rider, and between the two of us, we’ve raised almost $3000 for the cause. I anticipate another $300-500 in promised donations. Our affiliate in Itasca county has benefited by receiving supplemental funding for hosting this year’s ride.

So…it’s time to launder the cycling clothing and get packed for a week on the road. I’ll be doing post-shower daily updates from the comfort of my inflatable bed. Until then!

Day 1 map

Day 2 map

Day 3 map

Day 4 map

Day 5 map

Day 6 map

Day 7 map


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