Waking up in Elrond’s House


In the third film of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy Frodo awakens in Master Elrond’s house. After having one finger bitten off by an evil bald guy with OCD, watching the destruction of the ring of power, and quite nearly being barbecued in a lava flow – he wakes up to clean sheets, sunshine and a wizard sitting next to him. Frodo is reunited with his friends and a pillow fight breaks out.

Sauron the Dark Lord had fallen, and Middle Earth had been saved.  You could say things were looking up.

Some days are like that.

After riding in 35 degrees and rain on Saturday, I hit the lowest low of the spring that wasn’t. After getting back and spending 45 minutes cleaning mud and road grit out of my drivetrain, I spent the evening in a grey funk muttering one syllable words. The Dark Lord of clouds and drizzle had won the day.

But then there was yesterday: crystal sunshine, deep blue skies and 60 degrees. Instead of being mummified in two layers of fleece lined spandex, I was dressed in knickers, arm warmers and vest. No fleece helmet liner, no insulated gloves, and no neoprene shoe covers. I barely noticed the effort of 23 miles of big-ring hill repeats.

I think I woke up in the house of Master Elrond – sunshine and clean sheets.

Some days are like that.


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