First Day Back on the Road

2013firstrideI went to see a movie with Deb, and when we came out of the theater we stepped into blinding, beautiful sunlight. There was slush in the parking lot – instead of the ice we’ve been cursing lately. The car thermometer showed 43 degrees, so we burned rubber for home. [Well, not really…with the slush and all]

Splashing through the growing lake in the driveway, I ran inside and pulled the tub of cold weather riding clothing out from beneath the bed and dressed in haste. After zipping up my long sleeve jersey I stopped to take in the look, and noticed that it fit a little tight. To be fair it didn’t fit like a sausage casing…BUT…there’s a few more pounds to lose.

Once I got out on the road I noticed again how easily my bike can change direction. That’s a nice way of saying that I had trouble riding in a straight line until I re-remembered the whole balance thing. Riding on an indoor stationary trainer allows you to just about  hang sideways off your bike with no danger of tipping-over. The first couple of days on the road is a reminder that gravity still reigns supreme.

I was pretty warm in my new Castelli fleece lined tights, but what really took the prize was my neoprene booties. Warm feet are happy feet. The facial hair has got to go. Any warmth benefit is cancelled-out by the gooey mess adhering to upper lip and chin.

23 miles and 500 feet of climbing: we’re in business.


3 thoughts on “First Day Back on the Road

  1. Glad you are back at it. Your posts are always fun to read. Very interesting comment about the facial hair. Stay Safe.

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