One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

tired3This is one of my favorite all-purpose sayings to be applied whenever the effort becomes hard and gratification is delayed. It is best uttered with a philosophical shrug of the shoulders, or an unhuried gesture used only by the supremely wise…or those who can’t talk without using their hands.

Experience has taught me that it’s safest to use this in reference to self, e.g. Man, lately my hill training is like one step forward and then two steps back! People appreciate this. It’s like you’re announcing membership in the world-wide fraternity of humans trying to figure stuff out. Application to other people’s situations [especially commenting on what your friends are doing] can result in tense and unpleasant interactions. Here’s an example:

[STRUGGLING CYCLIST] Yah, it’s like I’m going nowhere with my hill training…

[SAGE] Hmmm, struggling cyclist you are,  it is written: ‘ONE STEP FORWARD, TWO STEPS BACK’


There’s a third way to utter these words: when speaking aloud to the universe regarding acts of God that afflict all people equally. It is in this vein that I report a disturbing fact: the entire northern midwest is bracing for a late-season snow storm. NOAA has posted heavy snow warnings.

The past two weeks have seen temps warming into the mid to upper 30’s and the ice slowly disappearing from the shoulders of our roads. The ice slowly thawed from my soul as hope began to rise. I put my spring tires on my training rims a couple of days ago, and now this. ONE STEP FORWARD, TWO STEPS BACK.

Gratification delayed once again.



One thought on “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

  1. Soon you will be able to catch some fresh air. And smell the coffee and donuts in the air. And ride ride ride like an eagle. 🙂

    Montana cyclist were out this weekend.

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