Dump Truck full of Awesome


A dump truck full of awesome would be filled with what? I guess it’s fair to say  it would be full of really good stuff. If you like Twinkies it would sure enough be filled with plastic wrapped awesomeness. Pick your awesome and pull the lever.

The etymology of this phrase originated as far as I can tell with friends of professional cyclist Ted King. It referred to riding 200 miles in a single day through the Green Mountains of Vermont. 11 hours of riding and close to 10,000 feet of climbing would definitely top off the truck. The icing on the load is the 1800′ climb up to Mt Snow starting at mile 165. Last summer I rode this route until just before the start of that stage…and quit because of back spasms. I didn’t pay enough attention to core strength, and alas there was no DTFOA for me. Instead I got a mid-size pickup truck full of PRETTY GOOD. Memorable, enlightening – but not awesome. Oh, and lest I forget, my ride took two days, not one.

This year I have repented with three core workout per week.


While pondering the cubic yards of awesomeness that I hope to celebrate this year [notably the CRMBT], I ran across an article on Fiorenzo Magni, who raced during the golden years of Italian cycling. Though he won the 1955 Giro and the Tour of Flanders three times, he was considered a ‘third wheel’ rider behind  Fausto Coppi and Gino Bartali. In any other era he would have been a legend. He passed away in October of 2012.

From Wikipedia:

Magni excelled at racing in extreme weather conditions, especially in cold, windy, rainy or snowy days. All three of his victories at the Tour of Flanders were in harsh, cold conditions. During all of the 6 Tours de France Magni participated in he was able to wear the yellow jersey at least once. During the 12th stage of the 1950 Tour de France, while he was wearing the yellow jersey, he was forced to retire from the race (together with all the other Italian riders) by Bartali, captain of the Italian team, who had been threatened and assaulted by some French fans. [I guess those were the days]


It gets better.

In the 1956 Giro d’Italia, stage 12, Fiorenzo Magni famously broke his left clavicle and still managed to finish 2nd place overall. At the hospital he refused a to put on a plaster cast and refused to abandon the Giro in the year of his announced retirement. Magni continued the race with his shoulder wrapped in an elastic bandage. To compensate for his inability to apply force with his left arm, he raced while holding a piece of rubber inner tube attached to his handlebar between his teeth for extra leverage. [see photo on the left]

Since his injury prevented him from effectively braking and steering with his left hand, Magni crashed again after hitting a ditch by the road during a descent on stage 16. He fell on his already broken clavicle, breaking his humerus, after which he passed out from the pain. They put him in an ambulance, but when Magni regained his senses and realized that he was being taken to the hospital he screamed and told the driver to stop. Magni took his bike and was able to finish the stage in the peloton, which had waited for him.  

Fiorenzo Magni gets my vote for Dump Truck Full of Awesome. He epitomizes a glorious [is heroic too strong a term?] time in the history of cycling. His story inspires us to press on and be more.


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