Ghost Rider

hot_sam-ShirtlessThe last few days it’s been MINNESOTA NORTH COUNTRY COLD. We’re talking about -15 at night and single numbers during the day. As odd as it might seem, it’s too cold to snow. Storms that come our way hit this wall of cold air, decide to change direction  and drop their snow somewhere else. [Well, as much as storms can decide anything] Minneapolis got a whole foot of snow a few days back – like they need it – and we got flurries.

For Christmas my girls got me insulated booties to go over my bike shoes and some winter biking gloves, but right now it’s just too cold. The roads have a mix of black ice and hardpack snow on the shoulders: a perfect recipe for crashing and getting run over by a mini van driven by a hockey mom. Which finally brings me to my point:

I had a dream.

Last night I dreamt that I was driving and a cyclist passed me going the other way riding bare-chested. Inside the Subaru the heat was blasting and my jacket was zipped to my chin. The guy on the bike had a dreamy smile as he looked straight into my eyes and mocked me. He knew that while he rode around shirtless on snow packed roads, I road in the basement…watching bike workout videos with instructors who yell at me. The scene repeated itself in slow motion: smug smile and eyes that peered into the depths of my soul.

HOW LONG?!! I cried. HOW LONG UNTIL 40 DEGREES COMES AGAIN? The bare-chested North Country ghost rider laughed and disappeared from my rearview mirror.


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