Back in Black

My month of sloth is now over

I read somewhere that cyclists should take a break sometime between seasons to rest the body, so I became a shiftless FATBODY for 30 days. I jumped off the exercise wagon and landed in a dark abyss filled with cellophane-wrapped refined sugar treats. I even drank pop. My debauchery was complete after noticing I’d gained 6 lbs.

But as of this afternoon I’m BACK IN BLACK…black spandex bike shorts, of course. I used a CTS spinning workout DVD. This was my first experience with their products, and I was quite pleased. The best part is that you can go as hard or easy as you need to – and still follow the workout.

The plan is to spin 3X a week until I have enough base miles and strength to ramp it up in in February. It flat-out amazes me how much strength I can lose after one light month and another month off. There was still something left in my legs, and my cardio wasn’t bad, but GEEZ LOUISE it ain’t September no more!

The goals for 2013 include a hill climbing camp in the Wisconsin Dells in June, Habitat 500 in July, and a 450 mile tour in the Rockies in August.


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