Habitat 500 Comes North

the Habitat 500 bicycle tour is coming north in 2013

I really loved the tour last year – unique route and wonderful people. There were many miles of farmland with big sky and manure smells so thick you had to clean your teeth every few miles. And, of course, we did raise $373,824 – which is the whole point!

This year the tour comes north, and will pass through our little home town in the northcountry: Rapido Grande [pronounced rah-PEED-o GRAN-day]. A.K.A. Grand Rapids…the little town that time forgot, but Walmart didn’t.

Not only do we have hills, forests and lakes: but hundreds of miles of quiet paved roads. I’m anticipating that the ride will be a good mix of scenic beauty and challenge. It’s hard to ride 75 miles up here without ascending at least 1500 feet.  Serving on the Itasca Habitat Board of Directors will give me a very fun opportunity to work with  the ride this year. I have a gorgeous century ride in mind, with 2200 actual feet of climbing. Whatever Jenni and the Habitat special events folks put together, it will be super high quality and tons of fun.

Minnesota friends stay tuned. If you have questions or might be interested in riding solo or as part of a team, feel free to contact me through this blog.  


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