The end of the end

Could this be it?

The forecasted high for tomorrow is 50 degrees with rain. After that, high 30’s and a skiff of snow. The 10 day forecast is equally grim: high 30’s and low 40’s.

To be sure, we’ve had a few reprieves: brief windows of 50-ish, sunny-ish weather. But now I can no longer hope for more ‘ish’. What’s left, except the basement and the indoor trainer? I have some Tour of California and Vuelta re-runs to watch. In the words of Freddie Mercury:

Ish this real life, or ish this just fantasy?

Oh sure, I could cross-train.

A lot of fun would that be, young Jedi! FACE FEARS WE MUST – to the YMCA must you go. BUILD WE MUST a strong core.

A winter cycling camp is beginning to look better and better. Just found one in Death Valley of all places – but that means no warm weather outdoor cycling until the end of February. I think it unlikely that we’ll have as warm a spring as last year…when I logged my first outdoor ride on March 2.

Best to pray for snow and a great xc ski season.

The end is here.


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