Vermont, First Day

The mid-age semi crisis weight loss bike tour rolls on.

I rode from Canada to Duxbury, VT Today: 64 miles and 2800′ of climbing. Touring in Vermont is a lot like being thrown in the deep end of the pool. In the first 10 miles I climbed 1000’…after flatting on a dreadful stretch of gravel. This necessitated calling Deb to rescue me and drop me where the pavement resumed. Toto, this ain’t KANSAS anymore.

I got more into a rhythm, and soon found myself at DUNKIN Donuts. After an espresso and a Boston creme donut I was sufficiently revived to continue.


After some fun 35 mph hills I spied Chuck’s Bikeshop. I was still in need of some spare tubes, so I went in to find Chuck. After chatting he gave me a packet of hammer gel and consented to a picture. In his hands he has a photo of Chuck the First who is deceased. “Since the original Chuck is buried, that must make you up-chuck”, I quipped.


I got back on and dodged crumbling shoulders and pot holes – both of which Vermont 100 has in spades. My brand new tires have cuts and gouges in the casing after only one day. I hope the roads improve tomorrow.

All in all it was a good day. Winding roads, clapboard houses, and mountain vistas are a reminder of why we call New England home.


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