Last Long Day

Our 80 mile ride left New Ulm and headed north this morning. A 15 mph tailwind and fresh pavement made for stretches of 24 mph riding. Seriously fun!

My legs continue to feel better each day. Nonetheless, I’m ready to be done, and will return to my bike on Tuesday at the earliest. Yes, I need a break.

My new friend Mark bought me lunch today at the one and only Finn’s Bar and Grill after the ride was over. The establishment is a testimony to Finnish heritage – complete with yellowing cartoons stapled to the wall. They serve a mean cup of wild rice soup.

Our closing this evening featured a slide show of the week.

What more can be said? People are starting to say goodbye. Careful, organized packing is giving way to cramming gear into suitcases: tomorrow it won’t matter how we pack.

That’s all for tonight. As for the picture below: click your heels and say, “There’s no place like home”



3 thoughts on “Last Long Day

  1. Congratulations, Pastor Greg!!!! What a wonderful undertaking! What a privilege to be part of this! Take Courage on the last leg of this trip. God’s Blessings and love,
    Colleen and Lynn

    • Perfectly lovely to hear from you both! Thanks for the note…it was a good ride, and also for the sake of ministry to the community. We continue to grow at 1st Lutheran, and are very happy here. Lynn, I hope you are continuing your healing, and are back to plenty of exercise!

      • Great to hear from you, Pastor Greg! What a wonderful community building purpose! Lynn is doing well. In fact, he left this morning with his friend Tom on a 4 day backpack trip into the Bob. Plus, he, too, now has a touring bike and is working on his legs for some cross-country rides. You two have much in common as you always have. We are SO happy that your time in MN is SO good. God Blesses!!!! We, too, see our Lord’s hand in all things! God’s Blessings and love, Colleen and Lynn

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