Into the Fog

Speeding along at 18 mph: perfect pavement and a line of riders disappearing into a grey curtain of fog – red safety beacons winking rhythmically. So began our morning. It was deliciously cool, and the miles disappeared beneath us.

I rode in a pace line of nine other riders. We took turns at the front pulling into the wind – while the group benefited from riding in the slipstream. Later I teamed up with my new friends Patty and Brian. The road was a place of fellowship today, bound together by our common concern for the welfare of others.

It was a quick 80 miles. Legs and back feel good. If that weren’t enough, I adjusted my cleats and took care of a nagging pinch on my right sit bone.

There’s a broad diversity of riders. We have young guns who love to go fast, triathletes, senior citizens, those who ride $5000 bikes and folks who ride relics. It all comes together in a caring and respectful community for one week out of the year.

This evening we celebrated under the watchful eye of Herman the German – a statue dedicated to burning and pillaging overlooking New Ulm. We enjoyed free beer and a yummy meal while an oom-pah band played.

God thought for today: the tranquil beauty of this morning points to a creator who has the power to make all things beautiful.

80 miles tomorrow.

Grace and courage friends.

Behold Herman



4 thoughts on “Into the Fog

  1. I am happy that you saw Hermann and enjoyed the German hospitality of brew, I would think it had to be Schells or maybe a Hauenstein with hot German potatoe salad. Enjoy your ride and may the Lord br with you. Jim H.

  2. Yes you are as Dave from Itasca trail sports said, “You are a Character” Love the photo of Herman the German, “Love your Wit”!! Herman the German, “Hermannsdenkmal” is supposedly a victory statue of Arminius in victory over 3 Roman Legions in 9 A.D. “Deutsche:Einigkeit: Mein Staerke: Mein Staerke: Deutschlund macht Engraving on the sword!!!

  3. I’ve seen Herman and he doesn’t look this bad! Have been praying for you. Rejoiced that mirror only grazed you but how scary that must have been. Nice article in the paper about you. That’s a plus. The posts have been terrific! Stay cool and Stay safe. God is watching over you.

  4. I have been reading your posts with interest. Wow! I believe I can speak for many in our congregation that we are pulling for you in this race. We wish the best for you. I printed the blog off and will let our daughter also read it. We look forward to seeing you back in our midst again.

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