Hump Day

I’m sitting at an undisclosed location eating ice cream. The middle part of our trip is over. We rode 100 miles today through an early rain and gradual clearing – with the ever present wind in our faces. Rain makes the roads greasy as the debris starts to mix with the water. I found myself braking on some normally fun hills. At one point it got so black that I stopped and turned on my rear flasher – to be seen by approaching cars.

The great highlight was the worlds largest ball of twine. Truth be told, some of it looked suspiciously like small rope.

Thanks to Jenni from MN HFH for laying out a great route.

I took a taxi to this undisclosed location, and was able to tell the driver about what was being accomplished through the Habitat 500. I think she was moved. About the taxi: would you ride 100 miles and walk to dinner?

One bad moment. A speeding SUV nearly took me out. I think I felt the mirror graze my jersey. I was badly frightened by the incident. There was no rhyme or reason: just irresponsible driving.

God thought for today: he knows we are dust

Completing a long ride could be a reason to celebrate personal achievement. I see it as a celebration of what the Lord can do with dust.

Grace and Courage friends…Pastor Greg

The great ball of twine



3 thoughts on “Hump Day

  1. Be careful out there. A bike rider got hit on 93 Monday. Flew over the car and lived. It was the bikers fault he turned into the car said he didn’t see the car. Sounds like you are doing good. 🙂 Karen

  2. Hurray for hump days.Hope your ice cream was a big one after all those miles!!! God’s blessings …

  3. Hi Pastor Greg-
    Strange, this morning I specifically said a special prayer for you, Another answered prayer, WOW! That is the part that scares me, years ago when I rode just what was then known as a 20 speed English bike, there were idiots knocking bike riders off their rides, by opening the car doors as they raced by. That and someone was shooting bike riders with a gun in Mpls. Crazy times. So where exactly is the largest ball of twine?? Somewhere, can’t remember where it was, but there was a site for the worlds largest frying pan!! Oh I could hardly wait to go see it but, Marilyn said “No Way”. Just kidding, but I think the place is maybe in Iowa? Stay safe………
    your on the home stretch!! NEW ULM, I hope you like my home town!!

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