Flat Like a Tortilla

Got in at 1 again today…the official tally: 77.9 miles. We rode through corn and soy fields with the exception of a really fun descent into a forested river bottom. We tucked as we rolled along at 30 mph. Of course there was the climb back out on the other side…

It was cooler – with the exception of breakfast. The church that fed us had no ac. I thought we were going to suffer heat stroke before getting on the road. However, the eggs were good.

So also are the legs. All the training has paid off.

Tomorrow we get to see the worlds largest ball of twine. No joke. I’ll post a picture.

Money raised by our riders is enough to buy materials for 6 new homes. Beautiful!

If I’m wandering a tad, have mercy: I’ve been up since 430.

God thought: we are created to do good and serve others.

Grave and courage!


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